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Thursday , 28 09 2023
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นัมบะ Namba ยามค่ำคืน

Namba : A neighborhood filled with restaurants, shopping

Namba Regarded as one of the central district of Osaka, do not lose heart. Umeda Because this area is filled with shops, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, many people choose to visit your watch them swoon. If your friends People walk outside this area on Saturday. Sunday will have to crowd together on numerous shopping sprees. eat Including posing with a sign that is popular labels Glico now that’s going to come a second time. But it’s embedded in this hotel for 2 times because of the trip’s main focus is to eat !!! Oh..If friends are staying here, you can take a train coming down the Nankai Namba it. This is a cozy neighborhood. Bellied Fat returned to Thailand !!

Traveling from Kansai Airport to Namba.

The journey from the airport to Namba. It is very simple, Train the same destination We can use the services of Nankai Railway train fares it plain 920 yen (31-01-2015). If you would like to reserve a seat, adds a little more money. Personally recommend up to Namba plain enough. For the day of arrival Baggage is not so much Then gradually return to sitting on a reserved seat will be more convenient because of the deposit. The Workshop will begin bulking now.

  1. JR-Namba
  2. Namba (Subway)
  3. Osaka-Namba
  4. Namba (Nankai-Namba).

The 4 stations can connect to each other inside the underground. Also known as one Namba Walk.

แผนที่นัมบะ โรงแรม สถานีรถไฟ แหล่งท่องเที่ยว

Tourist attraction of Namba district.

Taunton apartment Beau: Dotonbori

Beau Orlando neighborhood atmosphere Taunton

Beau tracks down a main street in the Namba district of the tourist attractions. Namba Because the two sides of this road. It is packed with restaurants Gift shop, such pastry Each store will have a giant banners adorned the storefront to attract visitors to stroll through this neighborhood. Although the road is short. I certify that I enjoy quite well. Each store will have a camera set up shop. During the night, the fire giant banners of each store, it starts to open up. Beauty begins exaggerations This area was night and day. Almost every restaurant here is delicious. What I want to eat it Do not forget to take a major label Glico sign of the Crab Landmark districts too ..


Entrance Shinsaibashi | Credit : GoogleMap

Shinsaibashi street for shoppers because the two sides have clothes, shoes, cosmetics, watches along the lines of this road. Those not on the shopping promenade also absorb the atmosphere. I went to see the young Japanese girl was walking right now. Shinsaibashi is located next to the tracks down Beau point of the two will sign a giant Glico. Most shops are starting to open around 10 o’clock. 2 pm and the stores will be gradually closed as well.

Den Den Town

เด็นเด็นทาวน์ : DenDen Town
Maidan district of Maidan Town | Credit : GoogleMap

Den Den Town is a source of electronic products like Cartoon model which is similar to the Aki Ra Ha Ba (Akihabara) side of Tokyo. But the atmosphere is not as noticeable Akira Matsubara hard enough. Like the models do not miss The Duke, who went to the little else. Girls wearing cosplay cute. Akira Matsubara’s a little disappointing, probably because I have to see much. Like One Piece estate will probably not hard. The model really Piece There are shows almost every store.

Kuromon Market

ตลาดคุโรมอน : Kuromon Market
Market entrance Kurogane Monte | Credit: GoogleMap.

A market selling fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and sweets if they stay in the Namba first day back was able to grab a fruit or a fresh pack of back country is not difficult. Take a walk from the station Nippombashi not exceed 5. Kurogane Monte minutes to the market already. The market will give us many sushi restaurants. The shop can buy, and eat some raw fish store it. Go buy some land and then to a table inside the restaurant. Not only store that sells sushi. Some stores will sell grilled meat shop and eat live right there. The stores that sell Kobe beef. Virgil confirmed that delicious If you do not have enough time to visit Kobe, you can try a taste on this market as well.

Namba Park

Namba Park’s not into walking. However, from the data like location, shopping, theater, restaurants and a rooftop garden and a shop such as Onitsuka Tiger, Bao Bao Issey Miyake brand Brown hit as well. But the ability to shop at the mall. Hankyu Dept.Umeda row before then, which is cheaper because of the lower card from the Department of Tax Refund to 5%, and it also weakened. Not walk the Namba Park.

Namba Walk

Namba Walk, a street with restaurants. And stores for shopping. The stretch of line, which is located in the basement of Namba. The Namba Walk. A walking path that connects the train station is within walking distance of Namba has four stations, each station. If you are lazy, waiting for the red light to cross the road above, you can simply walk down this path. If you see signs may not be the way I took it easy. The one that comes to shopping, dining, or simply try to come before 2 pm because the stores in Namba-Walk started off well.

The interest in the Namba of Virgil.

Namba It is known that the location has everything for shopping, eating almost all types of deposits. Train Station (to the airport. Or to place a large shopping Umeda Umeda was not hard). It is best to find a hotel room in the center of the trip is Osaka’s main Osaka Namba Studio 2 times 2 times yet.

Reviews Namba neighborhood

1. Osaka Floral Inn Namba

2. Hotel Metro the 21

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Gill stayed at a hotel. Sort by preference

The article is the personal opinion of the exhibit has visited those places already. If for any need.
The one that’s not taken his own skill to the Credit under the picture.



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