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Thursday , 28 09 2023
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Arashiyama NongAshi.com
Arashiyama NongAshi.com

Arashiyama : Arashiyama train romantic view of nature.

Arashiyama : Arashiyama is a natural point of interest is in the area of ​​Kyoto. If you are planning to go. Flights to Osaka Or explore Kyoto And to enjoy the beautiful nature views. Shi suggested that should not be missed in any way. Japan is a country with many more seasons. We can come back to visit the Arashiyama has several views that differ according to each season we went to Japan. It is not difficult to travel both located near Osaka and Kyoto. If people would come to visit, you can choose a plan that has two flights a day Arashiyama. The half-day morning excursion. Afternoon went to collect the main temples in Kyoto next time. (But a little tired, Shi was packed breakfast to a late afternoon nature I lay exhausted).

The main attractions of Arashiyama

Masters bridge Ege Fujitsu Sickle: Togetsukyo Bridge

Admission : Free

Travelers capture the beauty of the temple Farnsworth Ryuuji.
Travelers capture the beauty of the temple Farnsworth Ryuuji.

Masters bridge Ege Fujitsu Security The camera is another point seat tour to visit the store. Masters bridge Ege Security Fujitsu is a bridge that stretches across the river clear. Views on either side of the river is decorated tree line, which stretches all the friends he can keep the atmosphere or to carry food to sit by the river to soak up the beauty it. To the rear there is a mountain with sought-assembly. Complement the natural beauty of the old bridge’s Ege Fujitsu sickle beautiful if anyone has had a chance to visit in the fall. Mountain behind the bridge will be even more colorful. Shi had a chance to visit during the fall as well. ……… .. but then a fall. This is the image I see.

Tenryuji Temple: Temple Mountain Ryuuji

Admission : 500 Yen

Gardens Tenryuji Temple
Gardens Tenryuji Temple

The temple is located between Togetsukyo Bridge and Bamboo Groves (Bamboo Forest) friends can visit the Temple Mountain Ryuuji before traveling to the next destination. The temple has a beautiful garden. Shi admitted that he has a very beautiful garden. It came out pretty nearly every corner. It is not surprising that UNESCO will provide a measure Farnsworth Ryu Jin as a world heritage World heritage.

Bamboo Forest – Bamboo Groves

Admission : Free

Bamboo Forest - Bamboo Groves
Bamboo Forest – Bamboo Groves

Bamboo in Japan, unlike bamboo, which our country is based at Schofield. Japanese bamboo trees are so tall and so big. A bamboo forest corridor neatly. Both sides are filled with tall bamboo. The corridor stretches about 200 meters walk to the slopes much if coming from .. It is down the hill than up. But if you measure from the Farnsworth Ryu Jin is just up the majority. Was planned well before the point where I would travel back to save energy for use the next day.

Sagano Romantic Train and Railroad romantic cruise

Ticket One way : Adults 620 yen / 310 yen for children.
Opening hours : 9.00 to 16.00
Closed : Wednesdays, except on national holidays in Japan.

Beautiful scenery from the railway romance: Sagano Romantic Train.
Beautiful scenery from the railway romance: Sagano Romantic Train.

Arashiyama The train line romantic to sit to enjoy the view on both sides of the beautiful and safe at the Open Air friends to enjoy together without a glass block (winter is prepared slow to me). If you’re visiting in winter, you lucky dog ​​will have views of the snow. During the cherry blossom trees will have pink all the way. Or lapse before the leaves will have colorful leaves that are the most popular ones come. The page will have the usual lush vegetation. But Shi when the leaves change color, but fade away just yet, but a dry tree. Sam has enough colors to see what is. The train will take runners from start line to end line in just 25 minutes. But if you have time and want to keep the atmosphere intimate, you can be a scenic cruise. It takes around 2 hours.

The cost of the cruise

Website: http://www.hozugawakudari.jp/en/tickets-en
Adult 4,100 yen / child (4-12) 2,700 yen / a Private: 82,000 Yen (seats 17).

How to travel Arashiyama

Friends can select multiple destination station based on a map prepared to begin flights from any point before or after. The main station, the train came into the station Sagaarashiyama, Arashiyama station, Umahori Station

Aki decided very early to start Station Arashiyama. Masters bridge Ege Fujitsu sickle to the station. Sagaarashiyama Umahori train station to take the train into the station late romantic Torokko Arashiyama walk through a bamboo forest. The last visit was Steyn Ryuuji finished plans in the area of ​​Arashiyama Shi is completed.



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