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Tuesday , 26 09 2023
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Arashiyama : Arashiyama train romantic view of nature.

Arashiyama NongAshi.com

Arashiyama : Arashiyama is a natural point of interest is in the area of ​​Kyoto. If you are planning to go. Flights to Osaka Or explore Kyoto And to enjoy the beautiful nature views. Shi suggested that should not be missed in any way. Japan is a country with many …

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Umeda: Umeda district of Osaka

บรรยากาศค่ำคืนย่าน Umeda

strong>Umeda Is a neighborhood of Osaka. A business The department may also have its massively multiplayer department include in this area. Umeda is a major railway station on Line 2 is Umeda (Subway) and Umeda (Hankyu) nearby. It also has a large Osaka Station, which can connect to each other. …

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Namba : A neighborhood filled with restaurants, shopping


Namba Regarded as one of the central district of Osaka, do not lose heart. Umeda Because this area is filled with shops, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, many people choose to visit your watch them swoon. If your friends People walk outside this area on Saturday. Sunday will have to crowd together …

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